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My career

Dott. Lucia Romeo born in Rome, graduated from the University of Sapienza in Rome in June 1978 ...

Dott. Lucia Romeo born in Rome, graduated from the University of Sapienza in Rome in June 1978 with 110 and praise, specializing in Pediatric Clinic in the same university in July 1981 with 60 and praise. Internal Medical Department of Pediatrics at the University Catholic childhood leukemia and cancer, a doctor at the hospital inside the Child Jesus in Rome departments infectious diseases and nutrition.

Since 1981, in Milan at clinical De Marchi university scholarship for three years department of nephrology and dialysis, sports doctor at the center of sports medicine Professor. Aghemo. From 1982 to date are pediatrician consultoriale SUMAI specialist in Milan in Via Palermo 17 and in Corso Italia 52.

I write in magazines for children and I have collaborated in drafting chapters of books on nutrition and sport in children. I participated in Italy and abroad to continue refresher courses in nutrition, allergology, infectious diseases, integrated medicine: Homeopathy and phytotherapy, which apply to the traditional set my patients.

I am a member of the World Medical Association, a member of the SIP (Italian Society of Pediatrics), SIAIP (Italian Society of Allergology and pediatric immunology), SIOMI (Italian Society Integrated Medicine and Homeopathy), SIFIT (Italian Society of Phitotherapy) and member of the National Commission on maltreatment and sexual abuse of minors.

I know perfectly English, French, a little Spanish and German.

My social commitment
Since 2005 I support a non-profit organization: WAMBA ATHENA that deals to help a hospital in Kenya to the north west of Nairobi, where soon occasionally my work as a volunteer at the same time help in recruiting medical specialists who are interested to do the same.
I also support a two schools in Sri Lanka and one in Kenya to help children who do not have economic opportunities to finish their education with materials that buy on the spot with the money of those who want to offer. Children and schools
I started to think of becoming a doctor when I made the middle school, I liked the children and think that they can take care of them of their disease and their families that made me dream of a future pediatrician. At that time I was a little” pest”, it was the critical period of adolescence and I was creating my parents some problems. My family is great, we were five children and has always been a big family , certainly not without some problems between us but all natural things that are part of life! !
When I entered the school, the maturity began to prevail about “pest”, I continued to think of the children, those who have had, how many and how I could heal…. Unfortunately my dear companion of school became ill: leukemia and after a year of care she died, it was then that the desire to join medicine and then continue their studies in the field of leukemia and cancer of the children became stronger and convincing. In truth at home were not very convinced of my idea to enroll in medicine,they could not understand how a girl so eager to have fun, stay with friends, spend a lot of time on the ski fields could take the commitment of so many study medicine years, I remember well that I had in my aunt, the sister of my father that studied in pharmacy, an ally, to say whether he wants to leave us succeed.

The university

Thus it was, so I studied certainly helped by my good memories from my character and soon strong and 5 and a half years I have a kind of race with myself but above all I wanted to prove to my parents who I was and that while still fun would be able to get a degree with honors in less time possible. The first session was my graduation in June 1978, 110 and praise, that enormous satisfaction that day, no one can ever describe the emotion well, gratification, the immense joy that you feel when you reach a goal so difficult: entry into the world of medicine; you can help people suffer less, you can take them care evils from small and large you can understand the pain and able to help bear giving hope and love offering little at a time throughout your experience and from that moment early to collect.
Unfortunately, medicine is not over there back on the books for the specialties that lasts from 3 to 6 years depending on what you choose and then continues to read study to seek new information about what that must and can be helpful in their work. I did pediatric at state in Rome at Policlinico Umberto 1 and finished his studies with the highest marks I moved to Milan because in the meantime I had married in February dell'81.
From Rome to Milan
While in Rome I have worked as both the Catholic student among children with cancer and leukemia is the Child Jesus in the various specialized departments, the real work began in Milan and has been hard because the environment was not new and nobody knew I had begin to learn to move in a hospital: De Marchi entirely different overridden and the mentality of places already known to me from Rome. The desire to do is be able to learn a lot and that makes you forget fortunately the new environment; I worked as a university scholarship in De Marchi for 3 years I have known many doctors, nurses many, many children, many parents, and I began my long road now for 25 years collecting everything I saw and felt to put in my bag and large still to be filled because they live and know…. or learn… .. And one more word that perhaps is what one day will be the next key to a difficult diagnosis, a gesture of a child seen with the eye tail makes you go back on your steps and on the fly understand what I… .. I still remember one day about 10 years ago that went into my study for a family visit me with the usual small cough Milan and I like a sixth sense, who say only thing we learn about the books, I halted watching the bigger brother who had remained on the door, had the eyes, was pale, I immediately asked the mother to submit to a blood test and I assure you I was already sure it was leukemia but not because I am a magician something just because you inside says that the child was not something that was going….

Receipt Opening hours

By appointment, from Monday to Friday, hours 14-19.

Visit children and adolescents up to 20 years.

For reservation, send me an email.
Milan Address study
Milan-Lar.go Treves, 2 - brera area. Metro MM: MOSCOVA.
Dott.ssa Lucia Romeo

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