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Support my social work

To support the association WAMBA AND ATHENA ONLUS and VIDA PITTITINGA you can send your offers going to their website

 To support North Kinangop Hospital in Kenya this is the IBAN

Italian bank:
Abi: 1025
Cab: 1610
Cin: V

The children are not your children.
They are sons and daughters of life itself.
You add them to the world, but they create
I am close to you, but not your thing.
You can give them all your love but not your thoughts,
Because they have their ideas.
You can give them to homeless body, but not their soul,
Because their soul lives in the house the future
Where you are not able to get even with the dream.
You can try to resemble them
But they will not similar to you,
Because life is not back and will not stop yesterday.
You are learning that their children towards launches tomorrow.

                                                                      - KAHIL GIBRAN

Dott.ssa Lucia Romeo

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